Monday, October 30, 2006

Do you remember standing on the shore, head in the clouds
Your pockets filled with dreams?
Bound for glory on the seaven seas of life
But the ocean is deeper then it seams.
The wind was with you when you left on the mornig tide
You set your sail for an island in the sun
On the horizon, dark clouds up ahead, for the storm has just begun...

Take me with you, take me far away, and lead me to the distance

Sail your ship across the water,
Spread your wings across the sky
Take me time to see you`re the one who old the key
Or sailing ships will pass you by

So take me with you, take me far away,
We`ll ride the wind across the sky
Spread your wings and you we`ll see you control your desteny
So sailing ships don`t pass you by

You`ll find that you`re the only one
Can sail your ship across the sky.

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